Occupational Health referral involves referring employees to the Health and Work Consultancy in Cardiff or at our London clinic. Assessment is conducted by an external occupational health professional to gain advice within an OH report on employee fitness to work and or reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments are changes to ways of working, working tasks, work environment or working hours that an employer can consider, and put into place to remove or reduce the effect a worker`s disability may have on their job. Reasonable adjustments make a huge difference to employee productivity at work and can be used to make your company more accessible to disabled employees, or as a strategy to rehabilitate employees who have incurred time off work due to illness.

The referral must in all cases be discussed with the employee in advance of the referral being made as the employee:

  • can refuse to see the Occupational Health professional, or
  • can refuse consent for the occupational health professional`s opinion and recommendations to be passed to you and you will be still charged for the cost of the assessment.

It is therefore paramount to be open with the employee about the reasons for commissioning an occupational health referral and employers should communicate with the employee during every step of the process.

Our Occupational health referral service includes:

  • online management referral using our securely encrypted website
  • face-to-face or telephone consultation with the employee
  • an Occupational Health Report within the agreed timescale
  • administration of letters for medical reports
  • single point of contact to provide updates on the referral process
  • occupational health clinical notes written and securely held by The Health and Work Consultancy
  • impartial support at case conferences 
  • provision of specific advice sheets for the employee e.g: stress management, back care, managing shift work etc
  • trend analysis on the cases referred by your business to demonstrate the return on investment.

If you have any questions about referring your employees for health and work advice or any other occupational health services for your business in Cardiff, Wales or London, don't hesitate to call us on 02920 682028 or Contact us.