Work with computers is generally regarded as being safe. However in the wrong circumstances, problems such as upper limb disorders, visual fatigue and mental stress can arise. Display Screen Risk Assessment provide a means of assessing the hazards which arise from the use of display screen equipment in order to reduce the risks to health from sedentary work due to prolonged use of computer equipment. This should, in turn, reduce risk of sickness absence due to back or neck pain, eye strain, headaches or other musculoskeletal problems.

The Health and Work Consultancy Display Screen Risk Assessment includes:

An occupational health professional will spend 60 minutes with each employee and, following the assessment, a written report will be produced. This report will highlight any problems identified by the assessor. The report will also provide recommendations regarding adaptations to equipment, work-station lay-out, training, and task design. Where equipment or aids are recommended a list of suppliers will also be provided.

  • A 1 hour one-to-one session with the individual to assess, and improve their current workstation environment
  • A written report which states what problems were found, what action was taken, and what further preventative measures might be considered
  • We aim to get the report to you in five working days. After this, you are welcome to call the assessor directly with any queries

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