Generally, new starter health assessment can help to:

Assess a person's ability to carry out the duties of a job against a job description, job analysis or Job risks

  • Identify any health or disability issues as to provide advice on potential workplace adjustments
  • Advise on future health risk
  • Identify any support needed by the prospective employee to do the job effectively
  • Undertaking baseline health surveillance prior to employment commencing taking into account any identified workplace hazards

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against an employee because of reduced capability.

An employer must make an offer of employment prior to initiating any screening for health issues which may affect capability. Once screened, if reduced capability is identified, an employer must look at ‘reasonable adjustments’ to avoid anyone being disadvantaged in the workplace due to any health condition whether physical or mental as governed under the Act.

Online new starter health questionnaire

Employers can easily request the provision of a secure link to the online new employee health questionnaire is sent to the prospective employee. 

For the online process a general health questionnaire is completed by the prospective employee with advice on baseline health surveillance based on job risks/job assessment entered. If there are any health issues indicated a more detailed set of questions need to be completed which are then alerted to the assigned Occupational Health advisor for review.

Where necessary Occupational Health will request further medical information and/or offer an appointment. Following any necessary steps Management Advice will be issued by secure e-mail link to the referring manager.

The Health and Work Consultancy offers a range of new employee health assessments to enable employers to make the appropriate decision based on the most relevant information.  These include cost-effective questionnaires, telephone consultations and full face to face pre-placement medicals.

If you have any questions about how to go about using our online new employee health assessment or any other occupational health services for your business in South Wales or the South of England, don't hesitate to call us on 02920 682028 or Contact us.