Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 there are legal duties placed onto employers to prevent ill health which can be caused by work. In other words, employers are required to provide suitable premises, equipment, processes and training so that their health at work is not affected. 

According to the Health and Safety Executive, Health Risk Management is about identifying and controlling health risks before they cause problems. To do this, you will need to;

  • Find out if you have health risks
  • Decide what to do based on what you find out
  • Act and put decisions into practice
  • Check the action has made intended improvements

For this approach to work there needs to be commitment at the top of your organisation to achieving zero harm to health as a result of working practices.

Health Surveillance is a programme of repeated health checks which are used to detect early signs of work related ill health within a workforce. Health Surveillance is legal requirement under Health and Safety Law to ensure that the health of the worker is not affected by their working tasks even after you have put control measures in place. For health surveillance to be put into place three criteria must be met, namely:

  1. an individual is exposed to a hazardous substance that is linked to an identifiable disease or adverse health effect
  2. there is a reasonable change that the disease or health effect could occur as part of the conditions at work
  3. there are valid techniques for detecting the disease or health effect.

Health surveillance does not reduce the company`s responsibility to further eliminate or manage the health risks. 

Once Health Surveillance is concluded, we will provide you with feedback including the worker fitness for task (and work with the relevant exposure) and when further health surveillance is required to maintain the programme in the future. We will also provide grouped anonymised data to provide further insight into potential patterns or trends in ill health activity within the company to provide the business with further insight to act on the results. 

The Health and Work Consultancy provides Health surveillance services to companies in Cardiff, South Wales and London to monitor and watch out for early signs of work related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks. If you require further information on what health surveillance is and deciding whether Health Surveillance is necessary in your workplace, please see our further source of information.

In addition to Health Surveillance, the Health and Work Consultancy are able to provide health related risk assessments for those undertaking Display screen work and New and Expectant Mother risk assessments in accordance with Health and safety legislation.

The Health and Work Consultancy has a proven track record providing robust health surveillance to companies from a wide range of sectors in Cardiff, South Wales and London.

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