The Health and Work Consultancy has invested significantly in the development of our bespoke record database CAS – Client Administration System which has been developed with the technical expertise of MJ Software who are based in Newport, South Wales. The system allows us to store worker data in their entirety to bring you bespoke data analysis on your use of our occupational health service, so you can see where your investment in the occupational health service is paying off.

CAS employs all industry standard data encryption to protect the integrity and security of all of the worker records stored within the system. A secure user hierarchy has been applied in the form of a multi-level system user access to prevent unauthorised access to administrative rights, data viewing and editing access when accessing the employee health records.

CAS can only be downloaded onto specific computer desktops using links from our database developer which means that all files entered are sent securely end to end (encrypted to encrypted) to servers that are based within the United Kingdom. We create electronic worker records and are then filed as a continuous health record that is made up of each individual consultation with us: whether it be face to face, using the telephone or even email. All user interactions are monitored in terms of the records inputted, accessed or viewed by the system administrators and any unusual access is brought to the attention of the company.

CAS can accommodate multi-structured organisations and currently transacts approximately 5000 employee records. We can also digitize your existing occupational health records, removing the need to store vast amounts of paper which improves security and helps the environment.