The Health and Work Consultancy Ltd has been delivering Occupational Health to businesses in Cardiff and across South Wales since the formation of our company in April 2014. Our services include health surveillance for work related health problems, sickness absence management and fitness to work assessments.

In January 2017, we moved our company headquarters into Cardiff Medicentre which is situated on the University Hospital of Wales campus. In February 2021, we acquired office spaces at Canary Wharf, London.

You can find out more about our offices here.

We strive to provide our loyal customers with reliable and independent Occupational Health advice. We achieve this by providing our customers with bespoke, pro-active and cost effective Occupational Health services designed to support and maintain good health at work whilst pro-actively minimising work related ill health. 

Our company mission is;

"to live in a world where workers are healthy and safe" 

The trouble is, one of the main problems providing onsite Occupational Health to companies in different locations centres upon how employee data can be stored so that it can be easy to access so that we can proactively monitor health trends in the workplace. We have invested significantly in our bespoke database Client Administration System (CAS) to bring you proactive workplace health analysis to allow us to track and monitor workplace injuries or illnesses on an ongoing basis. CAS also allows us to provide our customers with return on investment data so you can see where your occupational health investment is paying off.

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